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Please contact us if you would like to have a workshop in your area!!
In keeping with the purpose of the Alabama Association of Arson Investigators, to provide quality training and education to the Fire Investigation and Prevention, Fire Fighting, Insurance and Legal communities; membership in the Association is not required to attend a workshop.
Workshops are "requested" events and are generally delivered to your area. The short length and locale provides quality training at less expense.
To have a workshop in your area:
  • Contact an A.A.A.I. the Director of Training Greg Ross, any district director or Board member.
  • Provide a facility for the class, meeting room, community center etc.
  • Schedule a date and time, topic or subject.
  • Advertise or promote the workshop in your area.Limitations: The Association requests a minimum of 10 people.


Workshops are a learning experience that are typically one day or less in class length. They are targeted to a specific topic or subject and although they can cover advanced material, subjects or issues, they also cover the basics.

Typical Workshop subjects:

  • First responder Arson Recognition
  • Basic Arson Investigation
  • Electricity and fire
  • Fuel gases, L. P. Gas and Natural Gas
  • Evidence handling


Sharee Wells, Training Chairman




Sharee Wells is Chairman of the Training and Education committee.

S Wells