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Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony Course

The Alabama Association of Arson Investigators is proud to announce that it will be conducting the IAAI Expert Witness Courtroom Testimony course the week of May 7th through the 9th in Hoover, Alabama. This is a class that combines practical exercises and mock courtroom testimony involving a fire loss case. This class is limited in size to 8 students because of the large amount of one on one instruction.

Preparation for the course will begin 6 weeks prior to course, so registration for the course will end March 20th. The cost of the course is $500.00 and must be paid at the time of registration. For more details, a registration form, or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the course facilitatorr, Wes Pullen at 205-936-6100, or email him CLICK HERE.

Thank You,

R Wes Pullen IAAI-CFI

Currently, disussions are beginning concerning another class in the spring of 2021. Click here to inquire: CLICK HERE

We would like to extend our sincere appreciation to the attorneys who gave of their precious time and energy to help with this class, without whom it would not have been possible.


May 2019 Class


This course should be manditory for anyone intending to pursue fire investigation. It is a time and labor intensive experience for the student expert.

The Alabama Chapter is certified to present the International Assocation of Arson Investigators' EXPERT WITNESS COURTROOM TESTIMONY COURSE. The Alabama Chapter has had several courses since Chapter certification in 2006.

With an instructor to student ratio minimum of 1:1 and many times 3:1, respectively, the quality of this course it's instruction, information and the knowledge and experienced passed on is unsurpassed. It provides the student with a "real world" experience in preparing for testimony and testifying. The pre-class work by itself, is typical for the amount of preparation an expert will put into an upcoming testimony, in the real world. The classroom instruction, testimony preparation, one on one counseling and then performance "under fire" a day in the life of an expert witness.

Anyone considering or involved in forensic investigative work should go through this course at the beginning of their career. It provides an absolutely clear demonstration of each of the points and concepts explained in many investigative texts and literature, including NFPA 921 and 1033, Kirk's Fire Investigation, Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction and others. Each student has a very clear understanding of the importance of why you would use the scientific method, why the accuracy and authenticity of your work is critical and how to present the information, evidence or data from your investigation.

To inquire about the next class or for more information: CLICK HERE

Direct exam

Mrs. Sue Williamson (above) is a very experienced Fire Litigation Attorney who volunteers to help the Alabama Chapter with the course.

If you are interested in taking this course contact the Chapter Facilitator: Email : Wes Pullen

This is a very time intensive course for the student expert and the instructors. It invokes a "real world" courtroom testimony experience.